Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Penguin Awareness Day

I firmly believe there is a day to celebrate anything and everything. Today, January 20, is Penguin Awareness Day. Later, on April 25, we can celebrate World Penguin Day. I'm not sure why or how Penguin Awareness Day started but World Penguin Day coincides with the northward migration of these funny, flightless birds. One source indicates the day celebrates "everyone's favorite zoo animals." Personally, I prefer to see these cuties in their natural habitat. So far the only place I've seen penguins "in the flesh" was on Phillips Island, Australia. The little fairy penguins are adorable and their parade is not to be missed. At dusk the tiny birds swim back to shore and march, often in a line, back to their homes.
Courtesy of Creative Commons

Several sources suggest ways to celebrate today. Wear a tuxedo, donate stuffed penguin toys to children, visit a local zoo...I prefer the idea of protecting marine resources. Go out a pick up trash on the beach. Don't throw bottles and plastic into the ocean. Stop over-fishing. Read a book like Poles Apart by Elaine Scott. I want there to be penguins in the wild when I finally get to Antarctica. And have a little fun today....waddle like a penguin.

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  1. You're making me waddle like a penguin (something I can do with little effort) because you mentioned Poles Apart. Thank you! I loved writing that book, and love knowing that my grandson at age 5, is going to use it for his first book report.