Monday, April 16, 2018

This is the Nest That Robin Built

I have long loved Denise Fleming's mixed media paper art but it really shines in This is the Nest That Robin Built. A cumulative tale, based on “The House That Jack Built," the story follows the effort it takes for Robin to build a nest. She needs help from a number of friends, including the squirrel who trims the twigs, the pig who mixes some mud, and the mouse who gathers some weeds. Eggs are laid, "brittle and blue," and nestlings hatch. A triple-foldout page reprises the actions Robin followed, ending with little birds ready to fly.

Baby Mockingbirds (photo by Deb Davis Nevin)
While this is a perfect read aloud that will have children reciting along, it also does have some good information on nest building for young birders right as nesting season starts. And the illustrations of baby birds waiting to be fed is spot on: they are all bright yellow mouth!

Parents and teachers should also visit Fleming's website for activities related to the book, including a really cute baby robin mask that will have the kids looking like baby birds. There is also a teacher's guide available.


  1. I love her art too, Jeanette, and just got this out of the library today! She & I are going to be on a panel together at the Gaithersburg Book Festival in MD in May :).

    By the way, I also just got Jan Thornhill's new book, The Triumphant Tale of the House Sparrow, in case you don't already know about it (but you probably do). Can't wait to read it! I loved her Tragic Tale of the Great Auk--what a powerful and poignant read. It made me weep!

    And another BTW, thank you for sharing stuff on Tower Girl! I have the cam on my toolbar, and I'm obsessed with checking it multiple times daily--so fascinating to watch her!

  2. Just read & loved it, Jeanette! I'm appearing on a panel with Denise later this month. She'll be reading this, and I'll be reading Hawk Rising :).