Sunday, June 10, 2018

Two Timing Hawk

The New York Post is noted for its sensational stories, photos, and headlines. A June 9, 2018 headline is certainly scandalous: "Two-timing hawk has babies with new mate."

Seems that a red-tailed hawk has been servicing three females in Tompkins Park in New York City. Now he's had two chicks with one of his mates and is now working feverishly to feed them. Click the link to read the tale.  Links in the article lead to other articles about the Lethario and the cheep lady hawks he has taken up with. Apparently he has been quite prolific in sharing his DNA! Wildlife photographer Laura Goggin has posted more photos on her site, including some of the babies and more about the love triangle.

Photo courtesy of the New York Post
Urban hawks frequently stay in the same location and in addition to the Tompkins Park hawks, several can be spotted in Central Park. View the hawks on web cams linked in Urban Hawks. Search this blog for more posts on hawks of various species.

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  1. How interesting!! Thanks for sharing, Jeanette. Laura has some great photos there!